Welcome to the Vaughn Hunting Ranch in South Texas

The Vaughn Whitetail Ranch is located in the famous South Texas Golden Triangle, an area known for record book Whitetail Deer hunting. The Golden Triangle is a part of Texas that provides an excellent habitat for the kind of Trophy deer hunting that makes lifetime memories.

When you are looking for a genuine South Texas Ranch Deer hunting experience, Vaughn Ranch is the place to go. Here you’ll have the chance to hunt wild whitetail deer in their natural habitat, giving you an amazing hunting experience, whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned pro. Spending a week or a weekend on our property will help you forget the stresses of modern life and focus on the excitement of hunting a trophy buck, and you will enjoy the variety of wildlife in South Texas.

Small Groups, Large Bucks

Our ranch only host a limited number of hunters and guests each year and provides them with an authentic South Texas hunting ranch experience. We have designed the ranch to accommodate an entire family, a young hunter’s first hunt, or the seasoned hunter wanting the South Texas trophy buck of a lifetime. We specialize in small private hunts and you will always hunt one on one with our guides.

Our deer display typical South Texas antler traits, as well as all the other characteristics that make for an impressive trophy deer. Our incredible mature deer with South Texas genetics make for great hunting in the Golden Triangle. You’ll see 10 to 15 deer on every hunt, giving you the chance to see a large variety of deer of all ages around.

Our South Texas hunting ranch provides an excellent habitat for deer, consisting almost entirely of native South Texas brush. The Vaughn Ranch contains high protein vegetation, which provides plenty of nutrition for large bucks to grow – the kind that make for impressive trophies. We also are home to large ponds– stocked with yellow catfish and hybrid black bass – that give our trophy hunts plenty of fishing action. You’ll get to experience other wildlife on your hunting trip like bobcats, badgers, javalinas, turkeys, and quail. Interested in seeing the wildlife without taking a hunting trip? We have visitors from all over stay at the Vaughn Ranch for our wildlife photography. Spend a quiet weekend enjoying the outdoors and photograph our incredible wildlife.

A Unique South Texas Hunting Ranch Experience

We offer a number of unique hunting opportunities, including youth hunts which give adult hunters the chance to introduce their children to their favorite sport. Our ranch can develop a hunt that is designed around their abilities. Our staff can even put together small group corporate hunts, giving your employees and leaders a chance to get to know each other outside of the office and develop bonds that will revitalize your organization.

Whatever the trip you are looking for, you’ll only be hunting with a few people. This isn’t a commercial hunting ranch, it’s a personalized hunting experience, where you will have the opportunity to fair-chase hunt a trophy buck or the game of your choice. By keeping them small, you can hunt comfortably and confidently through the brush. You can choose the weapon of your choice, a rifle or bow, and know that either way, you’ll have personalized advice and a knowledgeable guide that will put you on a buck that you’ll be boasting about for years.

Our lodge offers everything you’ll need for a comfortable stay. Our trips are all inclusive, so just one payment covers your guided hunting trip, comfortable accommodations, as well as meals, and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. After a long day of hunting and fishing, there’s no better feeling than returning to our lodge for a hearty meal and discussing the day’s hunt with your fellow hunters at the bar. While you stay at Vaughn Whitetail Ranch, you don’t have to worry about anything but tracking down a trophy buck for your mantle.

If you are visiting from out of town, we are conveniently located just an hour from the San Antonio airport. We are only 25 minutes from the city of Uvalde, Texas where you can shop or an hour from the Kickapoo Casino. If you would rather focus your entire trip on the hunt, we have all of the amenities you could need on-site.

Vaughn Whitetail Ranch is a relatively new South Texas hunting ranch operation. This is only our second season to offer trophy buck hunts on our property, and you will be part of a small number of hunters that have stayed on the ranch. If you are planning a trophy whitetail hunting trip in South Texas, Vaughn Whitetail Ranch is the place to experience South Texas deer hunting at its best.

The Vaughn Whitetail Ranch is located just over an hour from the San Antonio Airport.