Our Deer

Our primary goal is raising quality south Texas whitetail deer at the Vaughn Ranch. Due to this focus, you will not find cattle or exotic livestock on the ranch to interfere with our habitat or the nutrition of our deer.

Strong predator and hog control have allowed us to substantially improve our fawn survival rate and nutrition, so that our deer development shows promise at an early age. The combination of supplemental feeding, food plots and outstanding native brush have made an impact on our antler development.

To ensure years of continued improvement we have selectively released bred does and breed bucks from some of the best breeders in South Texas. Careful attention has been paid to limiting the genetics from any single buck and focusing on typical south Texas antler traits.

Since the 2015-16 seasons will be the first year to hunt our ranch, expect to see many magnificent 3.5-5.5 year old trophy deer. Most of our mature trophy deer will be our native deer stock, offering heavy dark horns and big body traits.