Trophy Buck Hunting
in South Texas

For hunters, hunting is a way of life. Many hunters’ homes boast a pair of antlers above the fireplace, and there’s always a story that goes with them. Our ancestors were cowboys, and there’s still a bit of that cowboy blood in all of us. Modern suburbia might not be conducive to hunting the trophy bucks that make these great memories, but at Vaughn Whitetail Ranch, trophy buck hunting in South Texas is a reality.

Trophy Whitetail Hunting

There are many species of bucks in the United States, but whitetail bucks are one of the most popular for trophy hunting. They weigh about 150 pounds and stand about four feet tall at the shoulder, cutting an impressive figure. Their antlers can span four feet across, forming two symmetrical branching spikes that make a great addition to any home or office.

When you go trophy hunting in South Texas, you’re part of a long tradition of men and women who have spent their days in the blinds, watching and waiting for animals to come by. For thousands of years, people have hunted on this land, and at Vaughn Whitetail Ranch, we give you a chance to kill a beautiful trophy deer with South Texas genetics.

The trophy bucks that live at Vaughn Whitetail Ranch flourish in the Golden Triangle of South Texas that make for excellent trophy hunting. They boast big, heavy antlers and large bodies, offering plenty of meat and great-looking trophies. Because of these ideal conditions, you will have a great opportunity to take home a trophy buck. However, all of our bucks are born and raised in South Texas, so you’ll have a real buck hunting experience against real South Texas genetics.


Prime Location in the South Texas

Vaughn Whitetail Ranch is located in the Golden Triangle, an area of Texas that offers the perfect habitat for healthy whitetail bucks to thrive. The trophy bucks on our property live in a unique confluence of habitats that provide plenty of vegetation for them to grow large and strong, making excellent trophies.

If you’re a seasoned hunter, you’ll be impressed by the quality of the hunting experience at Vaughn ranch. Our wild bucks are never kept in pens; they roam freely through our ranch property in the So Texas Golden Triangle. You’ll have the help of a guide who knows this land like the back of their hand.

New to the sport of hunting? At Vaughn ranch, we’ll help you go from a novice hunter to a pro with a beautiful pair of antlers above your fireplace. Your first hunting trip doesn’t need to be intimidating – at Vaughn ranch, we make it easy. You’ll come home with a trophy buck and the experience of participating in a real Texas whitetail buck hunt. Visitors to your home will be impressed. Have a son or daughter you’d like to introduce to hunting? We offer great youth hunting packages great for any age.


A Texas Tradition of Trophy Hunting

Vaughn Ranch is the ideal place to introduce the younger generation to your love of hunting – they’ll get the feeling for hunting, and you’ll have confidence in the size and maturity of every buck. A hunt at Vaughn Ranch is a popular parent/child activity, whether your kids are almost adults themselves or still in elementary school.

If you’re a visitor to Texas, there’s no more authentic way to get to know the land than a trophy hunt. Visitors from all over the country fly into San Antonio International Airport and make the short, hour-long trip to our ranch for a one of a kind South Texas hunting experience. We’re proud to be Texans and proud to introduce newcomers and seasoned hunters alike to the wonders of this countryside

When you go trophy hunting in South Texas, you’re joining a long tradition of hunters. Whitetail deer are native to this area and have provided countless generations with food, clothes, and – of course – beautiful trophy antlers.


An Experience You Can Take Home

At Vaughn Ranch, we respect the tradition of hunting and the majesty of animals. We want every guest of our ranch to leave with a sense of accomplishment and recognition of the beauty of our native whitetail bucks.

Trophy hunting is a South Texas tradition. The experience of taking down a big buck is something you’ll be talking about for a lifetime and makes for an immediate connection with every other hunter. Every hunter has a story of their best hunt ever. At Vaughn Ranch, we’re ready to make yours happen.