Hunting the Vaughn Ranch

There is no hunting experience quite like a South Texas Whitetail Deer hunt. The heavy brush, cactus, and mesquite give Whitetail Deer tremendous cover and add an element of surprise to each hunt. At Vaughn Ranch, our hunting season begins October 15th, due to our Managed Land Deer Permit status, so you can enjoy the beautiful South Texas fall weather and hunt a deer of a lifetime.

On any given hunt, you will see 10-15 Whitetail Deer of all ages, many being young trophy deer. Due to our stringent hunting practices, only mature bucks that are 6.5 years or older will be taken as trophies, and Management Bucks will be 4.5 years or older. Our land is highly managed and is on a Texas Parks and Wildlife MLD III permit allowing selective harvest of our Whitetail Deer.


Just You and the Deer

A hunting day on the Vaughn Whitetail Ranch is focused entirely on the animal. With all of your other needs – food, comfortable accommodations, guidance – met, you can pay attention to the sounds of animals traveling through the brush, and keep your eyes peeled for a big trophy buck. As you watch all the wildlife of the ranch and leave behind your worries, you’ll get closer and closer to the deer of a lifetime.

Deer released on the Ranch are selected from some of South Texas’ finest breeders, but we only hunt non-tagged wild deer. We have no release pens or penned deer and subscribe to ethical, fair chase hunting standards. That means that the deer you are hunting spend their days living in the brush, and are completely wild. Since 2015 was our first season to offer hunts, the Ranch is home to many deer never before seen by hunters.

Our Ranch will allow the hunter his or her choice of weapon, be it rifle or bow. We offer 2 and 3 man blinds for both weapons and many times we will hunt from the ground using rattling, calling, or stacking techniques. The type of hunt will be the choice of the hunter, but will always be one-on-one or very small groups with our professional guide. Our staff is here to help both  the first time hunter and the seasoned pro.

If you’ve never been hunting before and want to try for the first time with the help of someone who knows what they are doing, the Vaughn Ranch is the place to go. We are a popular destination for corporate retreats, and for parents who are eager to introduce their kids to the joys of hunting. No matter how much or little experience you have, our guides can create the perfect trip.